Project Description

This is a regional service center for a major international financial services corporation. It is a 154,000 sq. ft., $45 million tenant finish of seven floors at the 222 South Main building with chiller and EPS resiliency upgrades in Salt Lake City, Utah. TBC commissioned and/or conducted:

• Electrical including UPS, EPS, power monitoring, power distribution
• Lighting systems (occupancy sensors, daylight dimming, lighting scenes)
• Mechanical including air towers, fan coil units, fan-powered boxes, computer room air conditioning (CRAC) units/exhaust fans, HVAC and plumbing systems
• Fire protection system including sprinkler, pre-action, fire alarm and smoke damper
• Security
• Building Automation System (BAS/BMS/DDC) – monitored by the Goldman Sachs global network/power
• Flood testing

The owner has designated this project as a mission-critical regional service center for 1500 associates who took occupancy in the spring of 2011. The project involves a tenant finish of six floors of office space, one floor of amenity/conference center space and several data and technology support spaces. Systems include 1800 kW dual-fuel generator, redundant Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) and battery backup, automatic transfer switches on each floor controlled by a programmable logic controller (PLC) and infrastructure upgrades including a new chiller, cooling tower and makeup air handlers. The fit-up of the 154,000 sq. ft. space included a complete under-floor air distribution system and NC 25 sound criteria. In addition to commissioning the building systems, Total Building Commissioning conducted generator and UPS burn-in tests, load-bank testing, integrated system testing and several full project “pull the plug” tests.