Project Description

The initial scope for the Banner University Medical Center Tucson campus project includes 670,000 square feet of a new hospital that is connected to the existing 215,000 square foot DCMC and the 800,000 square foot medical center. The new hospital is planned for a full build-out to eleven stories with a future patient tower connected to the west side of the new hospital. The initial project scope and summary of this functional program is a nine-story hospital that will include:

  • Level 1 – a new main entry, cafeteria, retail pharmacy, chapel, and support departments
  • Level 2 – all new diagnostic imaging, cardiac catheterization labs, special procedure interventional radiology rooms, and the necessary prep/recovery spaces
  • Level 3 – 17 operating rooms, two procedure rooms, and the necessary prep/recovery spaces
  • Level 4 – central sterile processing, central telemetry, respiratory therapy, neuro-diagnostics, and mechanical space
  • Level 5 – Women’s and Infants Services (WIS) including two new C-section operating suites, 12 labor & delivery rooms, and 24 ante/post-partum rooms
  • Level 6 – 9 – 168 new patient rooms including ICU/MOSU and Med/Surg units
  • Shell Space – including 24 future beds on Level 9, five additional operating rooms and 17 PACU bays on Level 3, and selected space throughout the facility for future needs.


Central Plant:


Banner University Medical Center in Tucson (BUMCT) is going to provide a detached Central Utility Plant (CUP) for the new hospital project. This stand-alone facility will provide all utilities previously supplied by the University, including but not limited to, chilled water and heating hot water. The building will consist of a two-story structure, with the third level roof housing the cooling towers for the chiller plant. The first level will house the mechanical systems, primarily the chilled water system and the hot water system. The central utility plant will be sized to accommodate six 1,500-ton capacity centrifugal chillers in an N+1 configuration. The initial buildout will only see four 1,500

ton chillers installed. The second level houses the electrical support system for the CUP utilities, including three 2000 kVA Emergency Generators, supporting unit substations, and the parallel gear.


The BUMCT CUP project will include a new chilled water service from the BUMCT CUP to serve BUMCT buildings DCMC, NEP and BUMCT services in addition to air handlers in the 201 building.


The BUMCT CUP project will include a new heating hot water service from the BUMCT CUP to serve the DCMC, NEP and building 201 BUMCT air handlers, heating hot water loops and domestic hot water heat exchangers.


The overall gross square foot (GSF) area for the two floors of the CUP is 19,384 GSF.



Though the building is not going to pursue LEED certification, it will include energy saving construction by using as many sustainable materials in the envelope construction and interior finishes. The envelope construction, LED lighting and all mechanical and electrical equipment will be as energy efficient as possible.


The chilled water systems are being modeled for energy optimization. The systems being modeled are a combination of chiller configurations. A parallel vs. series chiller

piping system is being analyzed to see which configuration is more energy efficient. This is being combined with a free cooling feature which looks at a plate and frame economizer vs. the chiller manufacturers built in free cooling feature.

Systems Commissioned:

  • Building automation systems
  • HVAC systems
  • Domestic water systems
  • Electrical service and distribution
  • Emergency power system
  • Fire/Life safety system
  • Lighting and day-lighting control systems
  • Medical gas systems